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Broken Souls: Chapter 73 :icondefira1985:Defira1985 5 15
Mature content
Broken Souls: Chapter 72 :icondefira1985:Defira1985 4 22
Broken Souls: Chapter 71
Chapter Seventy One
"Grace?" he croaked, frozen in place even as Justice wanted to reach out. He felt his skin cracking, felt the light fighting to break free, felt Justice fighting to break free. It was so hard not to just give in, not to just snap a hand forward and touch her, as Justice wanted, just to see if she was real. It was hard to think of a time when the two of them had ever been more conflicted, and over something as simple as the presence of a young girl.
He wondered if it was ironic at all that the child, who bore so much resemblance to Mel as a child in the Circle- Tahlindra, was the growled rebuttal in his head- could bear a namesake so unlike the woman herself. There was nothing graceful in Melissandra, nothing save her movements themselves, and they could not compensate for the wretched state of her soul.
But then the argument was there from Justice, bubbling up within him as the spirit urged him to step forward: the proof that Tahlie was s
:icondefira1985:Defira1985 7 12
Just Like At Home
The Gallows was not really known as a place of laughter and merriment.
It was, after all, an old prison, and the dark hallways and barred windows, the silently screaming statues and the heavy portcullis' did not a jolly atmosphere create. The rest of Kirkwall was gearing up towards Saturnalia, a day that promised feasting and dancing and gifts and more than a few tears- it was almost certain that families would be forced into close proximity for hours at a time, and that never ended well for anyone- but all in all the joyous mood in the city could not be dampened.
The same mood did not reach across the harbour to the Gallows. The halls were quiet, only the sound of armoured boots ringing against the stone. There were no festive wreaths or boughs of holly, no bunting on the walls or ribbons wound round pillars. There was no colour, no music, no soul- it was a place designed specifically to dampen the souls of those held there, in fact.
There would be no Feast Day celebrations in the Gal
:icondefira1985:Defira1985 5 8
The Hunt for Perfection
"I'm an idiot."
Varric looked up from his morning papers and scoffed. "No argument here."
Garrett twisted around from where he lay sprawled face first against the hefty stone table in Varric's room. He glared at the dwarf in question, who didn't seem at all perturbed that a six foot four human had just traipsed through his door and hurled himself dramatically across his furniture. "What, that's it? No questioning my sanity, no digging around to uncover what sordid tale lies behind my melodramatic entrance? Where's your curiosity? Where's that keen sense of adventure and mischief that I love so well? Just 'yes, you're an idiot'?"
"Oh, beg pardon- no argument here, now get off my table. Was that better?"
"Wretch," Garrett muttered, levering himself upright and throwing himself moodily into one of the chairs. "You are completely unhelpful."
Varric chuckled, propping both feet up on the table and taking another mouthful of the questionable looking omelette that was trying to pass as
:icondefira1985:Defira1985 5 9
Broken Souls: Chapter 70
Chapter Seventy
The flames licked against the night sky, disturbingly quiet as they ate away at the skeletal frame of the house. Anders stood and stared, hypnotised by the macabre scene; as a mage, he was so used to the violent roar of a fireball, the terrifying boom and thunder and sizzle of fire raining down from the sky. It was eerie to watch the house burn with only a dull rumble that echoed up through the soles of his feet. Occasionally something cracked and splintered, the collapse sending sparks flying high into the air.
It was far too quiet.
He supposed he should have felt something, or rather been able to put a name to what he was feeling just then, but there was just too much there. Before him, the safe house burned, and he just didn't know if he could fathom that. They'd been so careful, so desperately careful… and for this place to be the first attacked? It hardly seemed logical for this house, this home, perched on a wooded headland far along the Wounded
:icondefira1985:Defira1985 7 42
Quick Isabela Cosplay :icondefira1985:Defira1985 2 0 Quick Isabela Cosplay :icondefira1985:Defira1985 3 25
Mature content
Broken Souls: Chapter 69 :icondefira1985:Defira1985 10 26
Mature content
Broken Souls: Chapter 68 :icondefira1985:Defira1985 8 12
Broken Souls: Chapter 67
Chapter Sixty Seven
Anders stared up at the canopy of the bed and listened to Tahlie splashing around in the wash room. He had to tell her about Hawke's offer. The offer that was as generous as it was insulting, because Maker take it all, as grateful as he was to have somewhere safe and clean for Tahlie to sleep at night, it drove home how completely and utterly he'd failed her. When he'd met her all those years ago in Amaranthine, she'd longed for simple things like a family, a home of her own, and peace from the trauma that seemed to plague her. He'd failed her on every single front, and it was a blow to his ego that the best he could offer her was a cramped mine shaft for a home. She deserved this, the fancy house and the warm bed and the ability to sleep at night without wondering if they were going to be dragged away in the dark by Templars.
She deserved to sleep above ground, and not in the dark twisting tunnels of the undercity that seemed so close and heavy and cr
:icondefira1985:Defira1985 7 18
Broken Souls: Chapter 66
Chapter Sixty Six
"Hawke is buying."
"Like the Void I am! I've just spent the last three days dragging all of you out of numerous scrapes and tangles, so you should all be buying me drinks. For at least the next six months."
Isabela pouted and slumped against Varric's table. "But Haaaawke…"
He crossed his arms and propped his feet up on the vast stone table, eyebrow raised. "So, I drag my arse up and down the coast for four days, fighting giant spiders and corpses and slavers and something the elf gods made while they were smoking Felandaris-"
"Garrett!" Merrill sounded scandalised.
Garrett rolled his eyes, but he reached over and tweaked her ear affectionately. "My dear, you told me your gods made that thing from rocks and trees and wind and rain- all I saw was a gigantic, mutated spider made of stone that drooled way too much and ate one of my favourite gloves. If your Creators weren't smoking something when they made it, then whoever told you they we
:icondefira1985:Defira1985 6 38
Mature content
Broken Souls: Chapter 65 :icondefira1985:Defira1985 9 33
Mature content
Broken Souls: Chapter 64 :icondefira1985:Defira1985 4 48
Mature content
A Darker Shade of Grey :icondefira1985:Defira1985 9 21
Broken Souls: Chapter 63
Chapter Sixty Three
"Knight Captain."
Cullen paused halfway through explaining a complicated shield block manoeuvre to his newest recruits and looked back over his shoulder. "Yes?"
The knight responsible for interrupting the lesson bowed respectfully, fist clenched over his breastplate. "Apologies, Knight Captain, but you have a visitor."
Waving over one of the lieutenants to continue the lesson, he shucked his hauberk and dumped the chain shirt and practise shield by the weapons rack. The relief from the weight and the heat was immediate and he rolled his shoulders in appreciation as he made his way over to the waiting Templar. "Well, I assume you have more to say than simply 'you have a visitor'. Why exactly am I being pulled away from training duties? And if the answer is anything less than 'yes ser, the Divine herself is here, ser' I will not be impressed."
"I would not have interrupted, ser, but the issue seemed urgent. He was quite… insistent that he bee
:icondefira1985:Defira1985 5 39

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Give and Take
Anders hated her from the moment they met. After all he had lost in the last twenty years, everything the Chantry and the Circle and the whole damned system had stolen from him… she seemed completely oblivious. She had managed to get out… not only that, she had managed to find her family again. And how did she react? By bickering with her brother and rolling her eyes about their overprotective mother.
Malina Hawke seemed to have no idea about how lucky she really was. And it drove him mad.
"We need your maps," she had said.
He waffled, not liking the idea of sending anyone into the Deep Roads. It was idiocy. They weren't Wardens, she would be lucky if a single member of their trip survived. She must have noticed that he wasn't particularly keen on the idea. Unfortunately for her, she wasn't very good at being scary. Her attempts at intimidation were about as horrifying as a really angry kitten. Less, maybe.
"Don't threaten me, littl
:iconlupusyondergirl:LupusYondergirl 21 13



Contrary to popular belief, not dead!

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 31, 2012, 5:15 AM

Hello my lovelies!

Despite my lack of activity lately, I would like to assure you all that I am most certainly not dead. It's been a difficult few months, to be sure, so I should probably bring you up to speed as quickly as possible.

I started a new job in March, which was a godsend- we really needed the extra money, and the company I was working for at the start of the year has since ceased to exist. They declared bankruptcy in May, not even six weeks after I left, and the last store was closed by the start of July. It happened really quickly, and I was so grateful to be out and in secure employment.

That being said, it's not all been rainbows and unicorns. My depression spiked pretty badly, to the point where I was taking time off work because of it. Which isn't precisely the best impression to make on new bosses. On top of that, I've been in therapy for a few months for eating problems/depression/anxiety, and I'm hopefully starting to make headway on that. I've been a bit of a mess, to say the least.

I've been struggling to write, and only just managed to get back into the habit again recently. Broken Souls is definitely not abandoned, just on hold, and I've got a few other projects under my belt as well. I do post things to my AO3 account… that I haven't gotten around to posting here. I've made a foray into Star Wars fic, and another game called Cinders, and posted some Once Upon a Time fic just last night. And that's without even mentioning the dozens of Dragon Age fics I've written, some of which I am most proud of.

BUT! The point of the post, other than to say I'm not dead, is to say that CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!! And in the spirit of the holidays, I would like to send a card out to you beautiful people if you are so inclined. And it doesn't have to be Christmas, if you are not one to celebrate- it can be Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Years, Happy Holidays, whatever you so desire. But if you would like a card from me, I would very much like to send you one!

Let me know? :heart:

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I have a disturbing habit of ending up in work that just seems to exacerbate my obsessions. Bookstores and computer game stores, yes please! As a result, my house is overflowing with way too many books that I will never read and more games than I know what to do with.
I also have a case of rabid fangirlism, much to the dismay of my long suffering husband, who does not understand my need to overindulge whenever something takes my fancy.

Eventually, the dream is to work for a game company as a writer (le gasp! fulfilling two loves at once!) but for now I'll potter about in my shops and waste money on fantasy RPGs and urban fantasy novels.

Current Residence: Perth, Australia

"I cannot live without books." Thomas Jefferson


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